<transcy>羞羞哒 嗨潮女性快感精华凝露 激情加强装25ml</transcy>


Discover a new level of intimacy and pleasure with our XIUXIUDA HaiChao Orgasm&Squirting Liquid.


Formulated with advanced hyaluronic acid and plant-based pleasure-awakening ingredients, our lube offers a lightweight, water-based solution that's non-greasy and easy to clean. With long-lasting lubrication, just 2-3 drops are sufficient to provide at least 30 minutes of glide and comfort. The 4D hyaluronic acid provides optimal hydration and moisture retention for a more satisfying experience. Our plant-based pleasure-awakening formula gently increases sensitivity with no side effects, providing a natural, heightened experience. Packaged in a dropper design for convenient, hygienic dispensing.