<transcy>NPG 012 深田咏美名器</transcy>


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Enjoy Eimi Fukada onahole!

NPG EIMI FUKADA Onahole combined with NPG's 40 years of craftsmanship, the 1:1 restoration of EIMI FUKADA from the inside out, the visual modeling and channel somatosensory will be the real queen- Eimi fukada's pussy !!

NPG Meiki series is the flagship series of NPG. The actors who have signed contracts are all industry leaders, and the craftsmanship and design adopted are all annual masterpieces, representing NPG's ingenious craftsmanship in the industry.

Key features:

  • low oil
  • odorless
  • real skin feel
  • easy maintenance

1:1 restores the experience of EIMI FUKADA's vagina. The channel is shaped by bionic folds and granulation of the cavity wall. The soft material creates an unforgettable slow-play experience and gives sincere feedback in an inch by inch.
The 600g heavy weight makes the product narrower, making the experience of the tightening channel better
Ergonomic hand-held non-slip design, smooth grip
The peach heart shape at the front end has a larger angle than before, which improves the impact experience and creates visual temptation.

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