Toysheart Alchemist's Atelier Onahole Realistic Vagina Masturbator


Toysheart Alchemist's Atelier Onahole:

Innovating Jellyfish Cavity Suction Experience

Dive into uncharted territories of pleasure with the Toysheart Alchemist's Atelier Onahole, marking the advent of a new generation of suction mysteries with its innovative jellyfish chamber design. Crafted with meticulous Japanese design principles, this product utilizes a unique cavity suction juice extraction mechanism that simulates the swimming principles of a jellyfish. By allowing air to flow in and out, creating a vacuum, it offers an unprecedented strong adhesion sensation and stimulation.

Key Features and Design:

  • Jellyfish Chamber Design: The internal structure mimics a jellyfish, using the cavity's expansion and rapid contraction to generate intense suction.
  • Ring Groove Design: A unique feature within the chamber ensures lubricant remains inside during use, maintaining moisture and enhancing pleasure.
  • Narrow Spiral Folds: Intricately designed spiral folds provide doubled stimulation, echoing through the twists and turns like a labyrinth, enriching the sensory experience.
  • Giant Nodule Kneading: Four prominent nodules are strategically placed for kneading and pressing at the base, elevating the stimulation.
  • Beaded Chamber Structure: The deep chamber's beaded design and secret rooms create an intense suction through air expulsion, delivering unparalleled sucking sensations.

The Toysheart Alchemist's Atelier Onahole is not just an adult toy; it's a fusion of unique design and material science, intended to provide an unforgettable journey of both mental and physical ecstasy for those in pursuit of ultimate pleasure.

Specification Detail
Main Material TPE
Dimensions External Length: 150mm
Width: 70mm
Internal Channel Length: 135mm (Note: Subject to measurement errors)
Net Weight 330g

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