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JEUSN Anal Lubricant - Jiumii Adult Store

JEUSN Anal Lubricant

From $16.90 AUD
Description: 100% brand new Water-based formula, not greasy, easy to be cleaned up with water. Weight: 153g Viscosity: soft Water soluble, natural materials with no scent You NEED this, because...
JEUSN Fist Anal Smooth Lubricant - Jiumii Adult Store

JEUSN Fist Anal Smooth Lubricant

$34.90 AUDFrom $26.90 AUD
Type Lubricated Colour White Material Natural Materials Not Allergic Net Weight 191g Size 72*63mm Function Climax Composition Water Soluble Net Capacity 150g Viscosity Soft Shelf Life 36 Month For Anal...

Bid farewell to discomfort and welcome the delight of long-lasting comfort. Our lubricants are specially crafted to reduce friction and provide a cushion of silky softness, ensuring a frictionless experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in pleasure.

Our lubricants are compatible with a wide range of intimate activities, including solo play, foreplay, and intercourse. They are carefully formulated to be body-safe and gentle, ensuring that you can indulge in pleasure with complete peace of mind.