GALAKU Vibrating Urethral Sounding Toy


Experience Sensual Bliss - Explore the Pleasures of Urethral Sounding

Unlock New Heights of Pleasure - Delight in Exquisite Stimulation

Discover the Sensation

Indulge in the electrifying world of urethral sounding with the GALAKU Vibrating Urethral Sounding Toy. This revolutionary pleasure device offers 20 frequency vibrations, providing an intense and customizable experience that will leave you breathless with pleasure.

A Symphony of Pleasure

Immerse yourself in a symphony of bliss as the soft and comfortable silicone material glides effortlessly, delivering waves of stimulation to your most sensitive areas.

Perfect for Beginners

Don't be shy to explore new adventures in pleasure. The GALAKU Vibrating Urethral Sounding Toy is beginner-friendly, designed to ease you into the world of urethral play with its gentle yet exciting vibrations.

Your Pleasure, Your Control - Embrace Intimacy Like Never Before

Remote Control Bliss

Surrender the reins of pleasure to your partner or explore solo pleasures with the convenient remote control, adding a touch of excitement to your intimate encounters.

Boundless Pleasure:

With 20 frequency vibrations at your fingertips, explore a multitude of pleasure combinations and awaken new realms of satisfaction.

Silent and Discreet

Embrace the freedom to explore your desires discreetly. The GALAKU Vibrating Urethral Sounding Toy is designed to be whisper-quiet, ensuring your private moments remain truly private.

Waterproof and Easy to Clean

Dive into the pleasures of water play as this sounding toy is fully waterproof, making cleaning a breeze and opening up a world of new possibilities.