BEILILE Mushroom EXTENSION Dotted Latex Condoms (10 Pack)

$11.90 $16.90

Penis extension latex condoms can Lengthen your penis and  Make your penis 3cm longer.

Different from normal condoms, this product uses mushroom sleeves and balls to achieve better fit and fixation

360 degree whirlwind shape large particle stimulation

3cm sphere instantly lengthened by 3cm

The water-soluble lubricant, while fully lubricating, makes men feel more swollen and women have a sense of contraction.


Unique plant fragrance to eliminate latex odor

Penis extension latex condoms features:

  • Penis enlargement
  • Can make your penis 3cm longer with a silicon ball straight away.
  • Particles placed on the condom for maximised stimulation.
  • The extension ball can be used multi times.


    • Condom Material: Natural Rubber Latex

    • Pack Size: 10 Condoms with 2 Extension Balls

    • Allergen Warning: Contains Latex

    • Extension Ball: Silicon 

    • Condom Size: Regular

    • Width: 52mm