Today, we're diving into the world of toy giants with the sensational Instant Trend and its dazzling AI version, the Pro! Not to mention, the classic second generation (Plus) is making waves with its captivating new colors.

Focus of the Review: ①The exciting updates to the Second Generation Plus ②The trendy debut of the AI Version Pro ③The ultimate showdown between Pro and Plus.

🤍💦 Design Elegance

Packaging🔸The new packaging design exudes a youthful vibe, irresistibly attractive. Enhanced with a watermarked seal on the side for added security and peace of mind.

Colors🔸The Second Generation (Plus) introduces an enchanting light purple, alongside the iconic pink; the AI Version (Pro) boasts a refreshing combination of light yellow and pink.

Mouthpiece🔸Plus features a larger, thinner mouthpiece, while Pro’s is slightly thicker with a slightly reduced inner diameter.

Body🔸The Pro has a slender body with a diameter of just 3.5cm, subtly smaller than Plus's 3.55cm, and is elongated for a more elegant profile.


🤍💦 Magical Features


Combination: Suction💋, Vibration📳, and Warming🔥. Both models offer 5 levels of suction and 10 vibration settings, along with a heated mouthpiece.

Pro supports smartphone app control, offering a richer array of play options and remote operation capabilities. Its unique "stop-on-skin-detachment" feature is a social lifesaver.

🤍💦 Experience Perfection

 Despite multiple iterations, Plus remains the star of the series. The upgraded five-level intensity offers a broader range of options, catering to more preferences.

Pro’s suction sensation is exquisitely comfortable, matching Plus in intensity. The thicker outer wall and more focused mouthpiece of Pro provide a more intense sensation. Pro’s heating function is superior in both speed and degree to Plus, sometimes even feeling a tad too warm. The AI version boasts greater functionality, with variable wave patterns for a novel experience. The sensitive "stop-on-skin-detachment" feature, although a double-edged sword, is incredibly effective in avoiding embarrassment. For a pause, simply moving it away is more convenient than adjusting settings.

Regarding the insertion experience, though Pro has been finely optimized, it remains ordinary compared to its exceptional suction end, better suited for external play.

In terms of sound, both models are similar in volume after precise adjustments, with Pro having less background noise and overall quieter than the older Plus version.

🤍💦 Expert Recommendations

🔥 Opt for Pro if you crave remote control or a varied frequency experience. For other scenarios, Plus is an excellent choice.

🔥 Frankly, I rarely recommend Polly individually, as I believe it’s a staple everyone should have (perhaps even multiple), its allure goes without saying…

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Belinda N