Thrilling Beats: Experience the Ultimate Pleasure with the Qingnan No. 9 Multifunctional Sex Machine

Thrilling Beats: Experience the Ultimate Pleasure with the Qingnan No. 9 Multifunctional Sex Machine

Today, I want to introduce a very special adult product—the Qingnan No. 9 Sex Machine. This is a comprehensive and powerful sex machine, perfect for those seeking an intense experience with a sophisticated sex toy!


The design of this sex machine is incredibly attractive, featuring a sophisticated red color. Even as someone who generally doesn't favor red, I must admit that its appearance is both grand and appealing. The size and design are highly portable (compared to other heavy-duty sex machines), making it usable in handheld mode or mounted on the leg with a base and straps. The insertion part is robust and ample, made of liquid silicone which feels great and is not at all rigid, epitomizing the qualities of a premium adult toy.


The Qingnan No. 9 offers an extensive range of features: telescopic pulsing, vibration, rotation, and heating. Both the pulsing and rotating functions provide three speed settings plus two frequency adjustments, with a pulsing rate of up to 540 times per minute, and three intensity levels for vibration. It can be operated via buttons on the device or remotely controlled, and it even has a one-touch max expansion button on the side. Additionally, this adult toy can be connected to other products from the same brand, such as nipple clamps, enhancing the user experience.


Firstly, the strength and frequency of this sex toy are astonishing—it's not comparable to any small handheld pulsing toys. The combination of high intensity and frequency ensures a smooth experience without any hitches. Despite its size and weight being much more manageable than traditional sex machines, it does not compromise on functionality, blending the best features of large machines and small pulsing toys. Surprisingly, despite its power, this sex toy can also be used handheld, which is incredibly convenient for someone like me who dislikes using stands.

As for the intensity, it is truly overwhelming. It might be a bit much for beginners, as turning on the pulsing and vibration simultaneously is an almost transcendent experience. When using this sex machine, it's hard to distinguish between internal and external sensations due to the high insertion frequency and powerful vibrations and pulsing that affect the outside, allowing me to reach climax without any external aid—a first for me.

Although this sex machine also has a rotating function, the intense internal stimulation makes the external rotation less noticeable. The insertion end must be fully inserted for the rotation wheel to contact the sensitive area, but I personally find it too daring to fully insert, which makes this function less useful for me.


The leg-binding design significantly enhances the convenience and applicability of this sex machine. Moreover, the Qingnan No. 9 can be connected with other accessories from the same brand, like nipple clamps, making it even better. I am particularly fond of the compatibility within the brand's range. For those who find small pulsing toys lackluster, I highly recommend trying this sex machine. Its powerful features and excellent design are sure to satisfy your quest for the ultimate experience!