William Wei is the core person of AK, a senior product designer and sex toys product manager.


In 2011, he first came in the sex toys industry, and soon he decided to devote him to this industry.


From 2014 to 2017, he served as the design director of IMTOY, a well-known Chinese sex toy brand. During this period, he designed a series of excellent works that were imitated by his peers.


From 2017 to 2020, he served as the product manager and CTO of TRYFUN (owned by the famous Internet company NetEase), the largest sex toy brand in China, during which he created a variety of industry explosions. In particular, the TRYFUN black hole designed by him was a great success once it was launched, and has maintained the sales champion of China's electric male masturbators until now.

After more than 3 years in TRYFUN, William Wei decided to create his own brand-AK. The experience over the past three years has given him great confidence. Over the past three years, he has accumulated extremely high popularity and reputation in the Chinese sex toys industry.


In order to establish a new brand, he believes that it is necessary to design a product that can cause a sensation in the industry, and it needs a product that can subvert the existing cognition of the industry in terms of appearance and experience. This is the background of Super S1. The next came into being.

William Wei said: For companies at the start-up stage, the most important thing is to make money before the cash flow is exhausted, support themselves, develop new products, and develop sales channels. The current difficulty for small adult products company is the high R&D cost, " This is the biggest pressure on small businesses." However, the market is already flooded with all kinds of adult products. In the entrepreneurial stage want to "break through", they must design innovative products that better meet user needs, solve user pain points.


After observing and testing many male s sex toys on the market, William Wei discovered a pain point for users: most of the products need to be used with both hands, causing some inconvenience to users. Therefore, he decided to develop a product that can be used with one hand. At that time, the fascia gun used for massage was very popular in the market. This tool was shaped like a hair dryer and had a thinner handle, which could be used to control the machine for massage. After William Wei bought one, on a whim, he glued an ordinary masturbation cup to the fascia gun. Then, he decided to imitate the shape of the fascia gun and develop a new product. However, breakthroughs in appearance are not enough. What really impresses people is the product experience effect. Therefore, William Wei has studied a lot of masturbation cups with excellent experience, and is determined to make Super S1 the electric masturbation cup with the best experience in the world (from the current results Come and see it is the best).

For small companies with tight cash flow, developing a new product may put huge pressure on the company. And what William Wei developed is something that has never been seen in the industry. No one knows what kind of effect this new product will bring.

"During that time, not only could I not sleep, but I also had various symptoms of endocrine disorders," said William Wei. "I spent a total of 18 months in research and development, and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost. The prototype was adjusted to five versions, and the mold was also adjusted several times which brought great financial pressure to the company, and my personal health was also affected.


Luckily for William Wei, the investment of money and energy has paid off - this new product has become the first automatic masturbator with a handle on the market. It quickly became one of the most popular male toys on the market.


Since then,many companies have begun to imitate this shape, but the user experience is far from the level of Super S1. Without real thinking and experimentation, it is impossible to understand the essence of product design, let alone make products that touch people's hearts.


Ak Brand Vision: Adhere to the "de-eroticization" differentiation strategy of sex toys, inspire people to explore and choose a fun lifestyle with elegant and high-end product styles, and make sex toys  a cool and fun thing.


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Belinda N