Blending a gentle touch with formidable power, the KISTOY TUTU Sex machine emerges as an exceptional piece in the realm of intimate gadgets. Its design and functionality strike a delicate balance, making it an outstanding choice not just for those who are newly exploring but also for aficionados who have traversed the vast landscape of sex machine. Truly, it's a testament to innovation in intimate pleasure, catering to both novices and veterans alike.



KISTOY TUTU sex machine exudes an essence of refined taste, right from its exceptionally gentle bubble tea hue to its velvety silicone touch. Every detail, inside and out, emanates a consistent and endearing softness. Its craftsmanship is exquisite: lightweight, devoid of any cheap plastic feel, showcasing precision and quality in every inch. The twist lock on the dust cover is ingeniously designed, and when sealed, the TUTU appears as inconspicuous as a thermal mug - offering utmost discretion.

Installation of its stand is a breeze. The suction cup base is sticky, ensuring powerful adherence, providing a steady and safe user experience. Among its peers, many of which have sizes exceeding 3.8cm, the TUTU stands out for its dainty size. Although it measures at its widest at 3.5cm, the liquid silicone's compressibility ensures it is incredibly accommodating!

KISTOY TUTU sex machine


Thrusting - 7 modes

Vibration - 10 modes 

Automatic Heating

App Control

Base with a strong suction cup

KISTOY TUTU features

User Experience

First and foremost, I delved into the experience of the base and suction cup. Given its role as a portable sex machine, the efficiency of the suction cup is paramount. If the suction power is inadequate or if it's prone to breaking and damage, the overall user experience would be severely compromised. Our team rigorously tested it on cabinets, mirrors, floors, tables, and toilet lids by repeatedly placing and lifting it within short intervals. The results were consistently impressive, with no adverse effects observed. The base also held up perfectly, assuring users of its reliability and safe usage.

Right from the moment it's turned on, the first thing that stands out is its  quiet operation! The telescopic action is exceptionally smooth with a notably high frequency. During insertion, there's absolutely no lagging or stalling. Boosted by the ultra-soft silicone, even the most rapid thrusts don't come off as painful or too aggressive. Additionally, the automatic heating feature is a blessing – taking approximately 2 minutes to warm up to an insertion-friendly temperature, ensuring users feel meticulously cared for at every touchpoint.

The dimensions of TUTU's insertion end are 3.5cm by 10cm. To be honest, this size isn't particularly large. However, it implies that even for women who might not have much experience with such products, this is still a viable choice. Thanks to the enlarged design at the insertion tip, even without boasting a "commanding" size, it promises a splendid user experience. The consensus among the women in our team? This product garners a stellar rating of 9 out of 10.

Lastly, for many women sharing accommodations, noise is a significant concern. Even though its 55dB rating is notably quiet compared to the other sex machine, using it in a private bedroom is still the recommended approach for utmost discretion.



Belinda N